19 December 2009

One Sketch 2 ways

I needed 2 birthday cards for sisters and I wanted to make them pretty fast but also wanted them to look fairly different. So I chose a recent Mojo Monday sketch as my starting point, then picked out 2 completely different DSP's for my colourschemes and these are the cards I came up with:
This first card was made for Olivia and since she's a bit of a girly girl I used Bella Rose as my colour scheme, then because I was using Bella Rose, of course I had to use "A Rose is a Rose" for my main image (just that slight OCD thing that I have going on...). I used the Circle Scissor Plus to make the circles. On this card they are all the same sized circles.
This next card is for Karin, she's not as girly as her sister so I used Good Morning Sunshine and the more retro colours (doesn't this DSP remind you of a 70's kitchen???). I kept with the circles and the same placement but unlike on Olivia's card I have made each of these circles a slightly different size.
Hopefully these cards are different enough that it won't bring out that old "just get them identical presents/cards since they're identical twins" complex that they've grown up with....
PS I should mention the order, since Olivia is the oldest (by a few minutes) I have posted her card first, this isn't an indicator as to who I like better, OK girls!?!

Images © Stampin' Up!, Designs © Zarna Gould

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