16 December 2009

Birthday RAK's

I thought I'd share with you some birthday cards I got this year, this first card is from Lisa, she has used the beautiful Bella Rose DSP along with Chocolate Chip Patterns DSP. I think the stamp is one of Rachel Greig's Darkroom Door designs. ETA: The paper is Bella Rose and the "Happy Birthday" stamp is from the "On Your Birthday" SU! set... This is what I get for prescheduling posts and typing them up late at night lol
Now I know it's customary to only put up photos of the handmade cards that you receive but as you know I love cards of any description and there were 2 that were so hilarious I just had to share:
This one is from my twinnies, please note that I am WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY more normal than they are, plus I'm 6 days older so I am also heaps more wise and clever and stuff!
Now this handsome fella here, he is from my good friend Rhonda... She was also kind enough to buy me a pair of pliers to go with it and go through them all especially to find a pair for me that didn't work properly... (I showed her though, I fixed them!!) Anyway the inside of the card reads "I gave him your number. Expect a booty call on your birthday." Isn't she kind?!?

Some Images © Stampin' Up!, Designs © Zarna Gould

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