20 September 2007

Sarah McLachlan - World on Fire

Think of this next time you watch rage or video hits:

13 September 2007

Leave Britney Alone

Check out this obsessed fan: (Language warning)

This guy seriously needs help...

11 September 2007

Who is Spud? You Decide!!!

I have some new important information that may affect how we guess! One of the suppliers from Justin's work has a tent every year at the Bathurst 1000 and they give away tickets for free, Justin's put our names down for tickets to the Saturday races (figured not as many people as Sunday so more chance of seeing more and getting autographs that sort of thing) they have a pretty cool program for the Saturday with stuff like the top 10 shoot out so it will still be pretty good. Given that we've planned this and it is so cool I think the baby will probably be born on that day (6/10)! I think that's how it normally works, they come on the day you have the most planned that you don't want to miss out on.

There's not long now until Spud arrives so I thought I'd stick a little competition to guess when we all think Spud will be here. The winner will win the satisfaction of knowing they were right. We'll do Price is Right rules, person who's closest without going over wins (I don't want people guessing over lol!)
Leave your guesses in the comments and I'll edit the post to enter them in next to the date so that noone doubles up on dates. If you want you can also guess if you think boy or girl.
Here are the dates:
15 Sept -
16 Sept -
17 Sept -
18 Sept -
19 Sept -
20 Sept -
21 Sept -
22 Sept -
23 Sept -
24 Sept -
25 Sept -
26 Sept -
27 Sept -
28 Sept -
29 Sept -
30 Sept -
31 Sept -
1 Oct -
2 Oct -
3 Oct -
4 Oct -
5 Oct - Olivia / Girl
6 Oct -
7 Oct - Claire / Girl
8 Oct -
9 Oct -
10 Oct - Bob / Boy ... Deb / Boy (Sorry my bad didn't see Deb's comment)
11 Oct -
12 Oct -
13 Oct - Zarna / Girl
14 Oct -
15 Oct ***Due Date From U/Sound #3*** -
16 Oct -
17 Oct - Nomes / Boy
18 Oct - Justin / Girl
19 Oct ***Due Date From U/Sound #1*** -
20 Oct - Anonymous (Shona?) / Boy or Girl
21 Oct ***Due Date From U/Sound #2*** - Pete / Boy (Maximillian Power)
22 Oct - Lisa / Girl
23 Oct -
24 Oct -
25 Oct - Megan / Boy
26 Oct -
27 Oct -
28 Oct -

01 September 2007

Baby Shower and Other Stuff

Last week we had my baby shower, it was so much fun, Nomes ran some games like guessing the size of my belly (not a very good ego boost when you looked at some of the guesses!!!) and baby pictionary, our table won after starting out about 3rd - Go the Moonunit Zappers!!!
I got stacks of awesome presents, one of the funniest was Justin's parents got a potty and a little book, it didn't occur to me at first but as soon as I showed Justin the combination of present he started laughing and said "they've got something to read while they're on the can!"
Hmm what else?... I went to the dr's on Thursday - the baby has now turned the right way around (they could always turn back again but at the moment they're in the right spot), he didn't harass me about my weight for once!! I was the same weight as last time, but last time I couldn't get my shoes off so I put on whatever those shoes weigh lol.
I'm getting sick of waiting for this baby to come, but I have to wait until at least the end of Sept so i don't have to go to Orange; Dr Morris is going away for a month and he's the only surgeon Parkes has at the moment and they don't like letting first time mothers deliver without one on call in case they have to do an emergency caesar. We'll blame it all on Dr Draper deciding not to practice anymore!
I had a dream the other day that the doctor took the baby out of my tummy so I could have a cuddle and then they put it back in again, and last night I had a dream that the baby's foot came out through my belly button, it was a very cute little tiny foot, but bizarre! I think that one came from the other day when the baby was pushing their foot out against my belly button and making it pop right out really high. It was funny!
Our show got cancelled last week because of the horse flu, really sucks, I was really looking forward to it - I haven't been in about 5 years! At least it solved the dilemma for me of what you do at the show when you can't go on the rides lol! I feel sorry for the Show president, it was his first year of running the show and he's had all these big problems to deal with.