28 March 2007

Update on Moving

Ok, so for a while there we thought we might be homeless for a few weeks as there is new stuff going on at the mine and rentals in Parkes are really hard to get at the moment, but we found a place to rent late last week and we'll be moving most of our stuff over this weekend and then do like a trailer load over Easter and then we'll be officially living in Parkes!
The place we found is nice (but a little smaller than we had in mind), it's right next door to Katrina Lister's parents place and I think it backs on to the Taggart's place (No nude sunbathing please!!!) I'll chuck some photos on after the weekend.
I better go do more packing, but that reminds me, we haven't seen the dog in a few days but there's this box that keeps barking...

19 March 2007

More on Spud... and some other stuff

Ok, where to start?...

Spud is what we're calling the baby (Justin's idea - he thinks unborn babies look like potatos). Here is spud:

We had an ultrasound this morning - more painful than I would have thought, you have to go to the toilet an hour & a half before the ultrasound and then drink a litre of water and then not go to the toilet until after the ultrasound is over. I've labelled some body parts so you know what you're looking at because I had no clue when I saw the ultrasound (I thought Spud's bum was his/her head - hopefully I'll get that right once it's born)
We've bought a few things already (I know I know I'm shocking!!!) but we found this pram we liked and were just going to go back and get it later but it was on special so we bought it then and there, it's really cool though - it's red so it goes faster, it has a one handed fold which I can actually use, it's got 3 wheels and lots of other cool stuff, here's a pic I found online of one the same:
We bought spud's first toy like the day after we found out (which was really good timing because it was the same day Sharelle had Jacob so we bought a card for them at the same time and it just looked like we were buying the dinosaur for him because we hadn't told people yet). I really like him and Justin keeps getting cranky at me for playing with it he reckons I'll wear it out before Spud is born.
See how cool it is though!!! As if you could resist playing with that!!!
I've also got a few little (and i mean little those things are tiny) Bonds suits and singlets as well as a t-shirt that says "2 am. Party. My Room." on the front in cool red letters (I can't be bothered taking a pic and putting it on atm) and a rainbow beanie thingie.
I probably should have devoted an entire post to this but I'm too lazy so I'll let you all know as well that Justin got a new job... which means we're moving to Parkes!!! I never thought I'd be excited about that when i first left home but I really am excited, we're still trying to find a place to live but we'll be officially in Parkes Easter Weekend, coz Justin starts work on the Tuesday straight after, I'll probably have to do a few trips back and forth to let cleaners and stuff into our place to finish up here but after Easter is when our official address will be Parkes!
Justin will be working at Leading Edge Computers doing techy stuff and some sales, I'm a little worried coz I know how bad it is for me working at Myer and buying clothes and wonder if it will be the same with Justin & Computer parts.
Anyway I think that's all the life changing news I have to report on at the moment!!
PS - Megan thought my last post was a joke for almost a full day how funny is that!?!?! I was hoping someone would think that!

14 March 2007

05 March 2007

Another comic

I know, I know I'm slack, I'll get around to blogging properly soon, but this was so funny I had to chuck it on!

01 March 2007

This is so funny

That is all