26 April 2007

I HATE telstra!!!

Telstra are a bunch of losers!!! We still don't have the internet and it's driving me insane!!! I bet if we were bigpond customers they wouldn't screw us around like this! Our internet company is trying to get us connected and Telstra keep being idiots and stuffing everything up because they own the lines and stuff they can do what they want!
Ok, now I've got that out of my system I'll update you all on my fascinating, fascinating life.
Yesterday we got Spud's cot & changetable out of layby, they look so cute, I had to put sheets and stuff on the cot and it's gorgeous! They're a really nice dark wood and the sheet/quilt set we got at the moment is white with little silver stars (I'll get something funkier once the baby's born so I can get girly or boyish). Justin's mum gave us his 'teddy' from when he was little the other day and we've stuck it in the pram, it looks funny coz the teddy is bigger than about a 2 year old, I'd put photos on but... (stupid telstra!)
Anyway I'll go and check out what all of you guys have been up to before I run out of time.

16 April 2007

Another update from the Library!

This really really really sucks!! We don't have the internet yet!!!! There aren't any spare ports in Dubbo for ADSL or some crap and now we can't have internet until Telstra puts more in, it sucks even more coz we aren't even with Telstra but they control everything and our internet people have to go through them!
Our internet account gives us a bonus dial up account but it's like 10 hours per month which is absolutely stupid so if I want to do interesting stuff I can't do it at home!!!
A certain cousin "There's a spider crawling up your back" of my husbands is at the library (you all know who I mean) I just had to be polite and say hello. Yuck! I know I know grow up Zarna!
We set up the pram last night, that was cool, then we had a fight over who got to wheel it around the loungeroom first! But we now know how to put it up and fold it down so that we won't look like loser first time parents on our first outing with spud!
You know how I joked that docs would be round at our place as soon as we had the baby? Well anyway we met one of our neighbours from across the road and she works for docs, as soon as she told me where she worked I just started laughing and then had to explain myself lokl!
Meg & Steve's wedding was cool, they had Harry all dressed up and he walked down the aisle with the flower girl, it looked so cute. When they were doing the speeches Meg was holding Harry and he kept grabbing the microphone and would just make nonsense noises, everyone cheered the first time he did it so after every sentence Meg said Harry tried to grab the microphone (most times he got it!)
Anyway better go check my email before my time runs out.
PS Pete stop picking on me for not blogging, I would if I could!

10 April 2007

Moving and other things

Well, we finished the move on the weekend, now I have to unpack... yuck!!!
We haven't got the internet on at home yet so I've gone to the library to catch up and fill in some time.
I am so bored at home atm! It might be better once I've unpacked and know where everything is but I just so can't be bothered. I unpacked a few boxes of books and put them on the bookshelf this morning so that's something I suppose.
We had fun at Nomes & Petes on Sunday night, don't think we left til almost 2am, way too late for me & spud!
I haven't had any morning sickness for 3 whole days now!!! I hope that means the end of it. I threw up this morning but I didn't actually feel sick which was bizarre, I just coughed and then had to run to the bathroom, threw up and then felt fine again. I don't know what that was but at least I didn't have all the nausea to go with it. You boys don't know how easy you get it!
I got Toobed on Saturday, but my Toobers weren't very discreet, I think asking 'did you get the toobs?' kinda gives it away...
Justin started work this morning, he looked so funny in his new uniform (I took pics I'll stick them on later) he was almost like a little kid on his first day of school!
Oh well, my time has run out so I better go and find something else to do, I think I might go have a milkshake or something before Justin finishes work so I don't have to drive home and then drive back downtown to pick him up!