27 July 2010

...It's been a while...

Sorry it has been so long... Kids & life has just gotten in the way of my stamping time. It has been just so crazy lately. Let me give you a summary:

Jack has been teething which makes for 1 clingy bubba (but as a friend reminded me today, when I was pregnant with him I was hoping I'd have a cuddly one, since Charlotte was such an up & go baby with no time for cuddles, so I shouldn't complain too much)

and teething also means lots of these (our record was 4 fresh sets of clothes in 1 day):

Add into the equation a vomity bug for Jack, a few rounds of nits (we're treating them but obviously someone at pre-school isn't grr!) and you get a mountain of washing
so that's why I've been tearing my hair out instead of stamping... I will have to get my stamp on tonight after work (blech) as it's Justin's birthday in the morning and I haven't done anything for him yet. Fingers crossed my Mojo finds it's way home by then.

If you want to keep up to date with SU! promo's etc, make sure you "like" my facebook page so it all pops up in your newsfeed. I am able to update that with my iphone so it's a little easier to grab a minute to update this page than my blog. But I am still committed to doing regular blogposts, this was just a little hiccup and once I get myself organised I'll be back to posting every few days.
I even made a little video as an exclusive for my likers, and I'm hoping to make some more, I won't be sharing the videos here so if you want to see them you have to like me! lol
Have a great week!

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