04 November 2006

Super Monopoly

Last night i went round to a friends house & a group of us played 'Super Monopoly'. Super Monopoly is basically just monopoly but you play over 4 boards. It was so fun!!!
Here are the rules:
1. You play with 1 piece & can choose which board to start play on. Once you go fully around that board and hit go you switch to the next board clockwise in the square of boards.
2. If you land on free parking, you may switch to the free parking space on any other board or stay on the board you are already on.
3. You may build houses on a property if you own 2 out of the set, but can only build hotels if you own all 3.
4. All the different chance & community chest cards are shuffled so that there are cards from every board in each of the 4 chance & 4 community chest piles (1 for each board). You select a card from the board your piece is currently on, but if it tells you to advance to a certain property, you go to the property on the board that the card is from originally.
5. Instead of starting with $1500 you start with $4000 (Double normal break-up of notes + 2x$500)
I think that was all the rules we used. To make it easier to work out we used 4 different types of monopoly board (Original, Disney, Simpsons and Here & Now)
If I think of more I'll add it later (I just put it on here mainly so I have the rules again for next time - because once you play super you don't go back!)