15 April 2006

Blast from the past

I was tagged and this is my answer-
"We drove up there over 2 days stopping at every 2nd town in a park with a playground for a break for me (and so dad didn't have to put up with a complaining 7 yr old so probably a break for him too). "

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4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five people to do the same.

I tag:
& Anyone who reads this!

14 April 2006

Continuous story that isn't so continuous any more

Okay, ages ago Katie started a continuous Story, I can't remember who was involved but I think it might have been Me, Katie, Lami, Kelly & Deborah... anyway Katie & I finished it before she went to mercy and we were going to post it on our blogs but with all the excitement of her going we kinda forgot so here it is:

Once upon a time in the middle of the night five galahs walked to the plantation of cacti to have a tea party with the entire town of Mr Men and the Little Miss characters gatecrashed and Little Miss Bossy took over until the oldest galah finally yelled "Oy mate!! This is a garden party for sane people who eat meat, Mr Greedy is the sanest of all.

Miss Bossy in her Bossiest voice announced that it was time to dance the hokey-pokey, but Kelly objected strongly until the full moon came out of Lami's purple toe socks and the sun came out from behind the giant green mushroom with purple polka dots. The sun and moon argued about whose turn it was to shine which turned into a musical drama that was quite similar to Cats but with Dancing mushrooms flying through the sky tied onto random objects thrown precisely onto Zarna's boogey filled nose which wasn't that boogery when compared to a hippo's and her boogers weren't glow-in-the-dark unfortunately. Suddenly the bottle of tomato & onion flavoured sauce exploded on Claire's right little toe, and it looked webbed just like zarna's freaky toe that Deborah tried to eat because she thought it was cabanossi and then because cabanossi's addictive just like chocolate and coke she started a campaign to ban it much to the dismay of the leprechauns who were chasing after the rainbow who stole the absolute last piece of gold from their leprechaun pot that sat upon the little green hill. Now this was a sad thing because the Little Green Hill missed his mummy so much that he couldn't stand up anymore and he fell down and cried. "Why oh, Why can't I reach my toes?" he screamed to the unicorns standing by. They looked down and saw that he couldn't reach his belly button either. This distressed the little green hill very much. "To reach, or not to reach, that is not the question, because I'm not Hamlet, I am MacBeth. Out damn sun light-eth, and come upon my dark chocolate and make it a cadbury dairy milkshake with a cherry on the bottom of the glass not on the top because it seemed like a good idea to the pink unicorn who put it there.
Now the pink unicorn was different to the blue unicorn because only pink unicorns have magical fairy friends that help them do magical fairy stuff, like turning everything pink to purple and making dull things shiny. They used this magic every day to clean the floor, then dirty it again with their magic super fairy dust. Now, this might seem pointless but it was hard to clean it unless it was done with power off BAM products. Once the floors are clean, they dance around in circles to polish it with the magical polishing shoes they wear.
At the end of the day they met up with the narrator who tells them that the story has ended.