31 March 2008

Bring it on!!!

I've been a bit slack with my sneak peeks but our computer wouldn't let me upload photos to blogger for some reason, but....
The new catalogue starts tomorrow!!!!!!

If you want a copy of the new catalogue I will give you one for FREE!!! That's right for FREE*! All you have to do is place an order of $60 or more (excluding postage) during the first week of the catalogue, and so not to leave out my wonderful hostesses who get one for free anyway, I will give you a FREE** Classic Inkpad in the colour of your choice, when you book your workshop!
Checkout the online Catalogue here.
To order or book your workshop just call me on 02 6862 2552 or email me zjgould@gmail.com.
*To qualify for a free catalogue you must place an order of $50 or more excluding postage before 9pm 7/4/08. This offer is only available through me
**To receive the free Classic Inkpad & catalogue you must book your workshop before 7/4/08 and hold it before 30/6/08. Inkpad will delivered with the workshop order. This offer is only available through me

26 March 2008

Sneak Peek #7

I have had a huge response from the people that have seen the new catalogue, so let me know if you want a catalogue posted out, for $10 I could have it in the mail tomorrow, or better yet, book your workshop and get it for free!!!
zjgould@gmail.com or 02 6862 2552

25 March 2008

Sneak Peek #6

Here's todays sneak peek:

only 6 days to go!!!

24 March 2008

Sneak Peek #5

I just realised i didn't do a sneak peek for today! So here's 3 to make up for it almost being Tuesday for Monday's sneak peek...

These are some of the 'style watch's' I mentioned in yesterday's sneak peek, basically they are a range of coordinating (because we all know SU! is all about coordination) Colours, Stamp Sets, Simply Scrappin' Kits & Accessories that fit a particular style.

23 March 2008

Sneak Peek #4

Happy Easter!

Here's a double sneak peek for easter:
The new catalogue has 3 'style watches' I'll show you more details later but basically they're a range of papers, stamps & colours that follow a theme. They are beautiful and their should be 1 theme for everyone's preferences.

Have a great Easter, don't eat too much chocolate!

22 March 2008

Catalogue Sneak Peek #3

Here's a little sneak peek at some of the punches in the new catty (don't know if you can see them all but have a quick count and see if you can see how many circles we have now!):

The catalogue isn't released until 1 April but if you want an early copy email me zjgould@gmail.com or call on 02 6862 2552 and I can get it in the mail to you for $12.95 so you can start making your wishlist now!

21 March 2008

Catalogue Sneak Peek #2

Today's Sneak Peek: Can you work out what this is?

If you want your own copy don't forget to let me know zjgould@gmail.com or 02 6862 2552 and I could have yours in the mail tomorrow!

20 March 2008

New Catalogue Sneak Peek #1

I decided as a countdown to the new catalogue I'll post some little sneak peek pics every day or so in the lead up, so here's our first one:

If you want your own copy don't forget to let me know zjgould@gmail.com or 02 6862 2552 and I could have yours in the mail tomorrow!

19 March 2008

New Catalogue!!!

I received my new catalogues today!!
It looks FANTASTIC!!!
If anyone wants an early copy let me know zjgould@gmail.com or 02 6862 2552. I can't enter orders until 1 April when it is officially released but I can take preorders, ready to be entered on the first day of the new catalogue.
Catalogues are $12.95ea or FREE if you host a workshop.
Now back to my wishlist...

11 March 2008

For Tricia

This blog has issued a challenge to all the mothers who read Nathan's CFHusband blog, to make a list of bizarre things that kids do that would normally annoy you or you take for grated but for Tricia who hasn't been able to experience them yet it will be precious when she does. Even if you aren't doing the challenge go check out the other blogs that have because it's hilarious (when it doesn't happen to you)
I've only had 4 1/2 months so my list won't be long, but it will all be stuff my charming little girl has done lol

I can't wait for you to experience...

  • The first time Gwyneth manages to undo her nappy (diaper) and then wee all over her cot.
  • The first time you put Gwyneth in her cot after getting home from hospital and you get a pooey nappy explode all over the brand new WHITE quilt (do you see a theme here lol)
  • The first time you put Gwyneth on the floor to play while you eat breakfast and find her under the coffee table because she's slid herself backwards.
  • The first time you go to check on Gwyneth in the morning and can't find her because she's spun herself 90o and then rolled under her blankets (even though you only make the bottom 3rd of the cot like the midwives tell you).
  • The first time you leave her on the couch while you go and get a bottle and come back just in time to see her slide off the couch feet first, when she used to be happy to sit there and wait.
  • The first time Gwyneth giggles and the only way you can tell it's a laugh, because the only sounds she normally makes are cries, is that she's smiling when she does it.
  • The first time you discover just how easy it is to get more of those giggles.
  • The first time the lady at the shop tells you how beautiful your daughter is
  • The first time you pretend not to hear her crying so your husband will get up to her during the middle of the night. (of course i've never done this one lol)
  • The first time after months of handling Gwyneth like she's made of eggshells you realise she loves playing 'rough' - been tossed in the air, or hung by her ankles as you walk around the house.

I can't wait for you to experience every one of these moments and so many more because this is what it means to be a mummy...and every moment is glorious in its own special way.
My Challenge to all your blogging mummies...
If you are reading this and you are a mummy, I encourage you (for fun) to do something like this for Tricia on your blog. Tell her all the special, frustrating, wonderful moments that you hope she gets to experience just because she's a mummy now too.