17 June 2006

Just thought it was funny

06 June 2006

I don't wanna go to work at 7!

I have to start work at 7 tomorrow which means I have to leave by 6.45am, which means I have to set the alarm for at least 5.45 to get out of bed by 5.55! That is just really really rude! I'm gonna have me some strong coffee tomorrow!
I got tricked into working it, the last I'd heard we were only opening at 8am tomorrow & thursday, so when my boss came last week and asked me if I could do the early starts I said "Sure, No Problem" Then I looked at the roster in his hand realised what had just happened and now I'm stuck with it!
Some of you people better come shopping tomorrow morning early!!! (it's the stocktake sale by the way) to make it worth it!!!! :(