09 August 2010

you know that thing...

... where I said that I'd be back to doing regular blog posts soon? You know? Last Tuesday? Well stupid me, the very next day I went and slammed my finger in the car door... my stamping finger!! and when I injure myself I don't do seem to do things in halves... I managed to get the door to stay shut. Luckily my mum & dad were with me at the time and they both volunteer with St John's Ambulance so they were able to practice their first aid before they drove me up to emergency. I had x-rays and luckily nothing was broken, although the technician said I did a good job of squishing the finger, I have a huge cut just below the nail bed and a half purple nail. The nurses said that I got lucky by jamming it below the nail because if I'd got the nail it would have fallen off.
I'm only just at a stage where I can put pressure on the finger (ie press down on a stamp) the last day or two. I have a class this weekend and I still have 1 card left to design, plus a class of (hopefully) 15-25 playgroup mum's in a few weeks AND my stand for the Parkes show to finish samples for, so it wasn't really good timing, but it forced me to spend a few days with my feet up and I think I needed that.
I'm going to spare you the photos, although if you follow me on twitter and ignored the warnings you may have already seen some ;)

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