27 June 2007

Another ad!

Most of you know already that I've been selling stuff on eBay...
I've just decided to step up my 'business' a little and get an order of new kids clothing from a supplier, I've just listed it on eBay and have started another blog to detail what I'm selling and put special offers on there for people who read the blog.
Check it out and tell all your friends:

26 June 2007


...I had a survey thing that got sent to me ages ago and I saved it as a draft and finally got around to finishing it today and when I posted it the post has gone on in February.
So go here to read it:

24 June 2007

And now a word from our sponsor...

My friend Lisa (you've probably seen her commenting from time to time) has just signed up to be a Stampin' Up demonstrator, she can do parties or just order stuff for you for scrapbooking and stamping supplies.
Lisa stuck a picture/description of the first card she made using the stuff and it looks great, so go and check it out!

14 June 2007

Baby Names

Meg's been talking about trying to pick out baby names and I realised I hadn't mentioned on here about that yet, I'm gonna keep you all in suspense about the names we've picked but I thought seeing as I know all these people that are having their babies before we are that I'd go on record saying we've already picked out our names in case anyone else uses our names first so they know we aren't copying.
I think picking the names was one of the first things we'd done, the Boys name was the easiest but the hardest to pick was the girls name. I love the names we've picked out and I really really want to tell everyone but I don't want to ruin the surprise. Aaargh! it's so hard! I can't keep secrets!!!
Speaking of secrets apparently someone I know is pregnant and they've already told mum but she won't tell me who coz they want to tell me themselves, so if you're pregnant tell me already!!! I don't know if I'm even supposed to know that mum knows someone is pregnant but my mum is really useless at keeping secrets. So if it's you tell me already!

12 June 2007


I have no idea what to write. I haven't been up to much lately, it's been fun staying at home, I haven't been doing much of the 'house' type-stuff to being a housewife but I'm still enjoying it. If only my computer was working properly!!! It's gone completely spastic and we think the motherboard is dying. I've been having to use the laptop but it doesn't have all of my favourites on it so I keep forgetting about my blog (and everyone else's).
The little thingie at the top my blog says spud weighs a pound at the moment, that's like 1 eighth of a baby! (hopefully... I don't want to have like one of those 12 or 13 pound babies!!!)
I've been doing some scrapbooking yesterday and today, I keep finding stuff to buy for scrapbooking and then have to find a way to use it! I finished one more page from our wedding and 2 more from our honeymoon and now I'm halfway through doing some pages on Crusher, he's so cute it was really hard trying to decide what photos to use and not to do a million pages of him!
Anyway that's enough rambling for now!