30 October 2006


It's time for an update I suppose. A few weeks ago we went to Claire & Seths wedding, it was beautiful. We didn't get much of a chance to catch up with people at the wedding because we had to sit at a table with my parents (not that that's a bad thing but we'd spent the whole week with them already) so after the wedding we went to Nicks place with Chris, Carol, Eddie & John Nyman and watched the worst movie in the whole world (it was one of those ones where you keep watching because you think it's got to get better, but it doesn't, it just keeps getting worse) & ate pizza and had fun. On Sunday after church I went round to Amy's with Katie(yay I got to see Katie!!!), Deborah, Liv, Karin - Nick & Eddie turned up for a while but I think we were too hyper for them.
Yesterday was our Anniversary, I got a jewellery box, a pendant, a Rose & chocolates!
It's the first time since we got engaged that Justin has given me flowers. We went out for tea & watched a dvd too which was fun.
Last week someone crashed into my car on the way home from work, except for the car noone got hurt:

While it's getting fixed, Nick was nice enough to lend us his ute, which is fun driving around in a V8!