23 December 2010

4 Days of Christmas pt 4

Last 2 Christmas projects! The Fancy Favour box was what I made for Charlotte's preschool teachers, really quick and simple with some home-made nut free (those allergies ruin all the fun - lol - however given the alternative I'll just skip the nuts) Rocky Road in a cello bag tied up with some grosgrain. I made these on Saturday night since I work late on Sundays and Charlotte's last day for the year (and in the Sunshine room *sob*) was Monday, so they had to be pretty simple.
If I don't pop by to wish everyone a merry Christmas on Saturday just know I'm thankful for my loyal little group of readers and I wish you all a happy & safe Christmas!

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22 December 2010

4 Days of Christmas pt 3

Some more cards from my Christmas Stamp-a-Stack, the background on the middle card was made by inking up the flatter of the 2 sides on the textured impression folder then running it through the bigshot, I really love the effect that it gives!
One more day of Christmas projects left, Santa is getting closer!!!

Images © Stampin' Up!, Designs © Zarna Gould

21 December 2010

4 Days of Christmas pt 2


Welcome to 4 days of Christmas part 2! These cards were all cards we made at my Christmas Stamp-a-Stack at the end of last month (as well as the cards yesterday) The textured cards were made by gluing down the DSP then running it through the textured impression plates and sanding back the DSP to show the white core. It was something that kind of just occurred to me as a "wonder what happens if I do this" moment and I loved the result so much we ended up using it on a few different cards.

Images © Stampin' Up!, Designs © Zarna Gould

20 December 2010

4 Days of Christmas pt 1

Thought I better share some Christmas projects before Christmas is over lol!
So welcome to my 4 days of Christmas haha! I've got Jack in preschool next year on the same day as Charlotte so hopefully I'll have better luck at regular blogging next year when I have a day "off".
I'm also trying to work out the whole change between PC & Mac, I'm loving my Macbook but it's still a bit of a learning curve, things that I took for granted have all changed, like alt+ctrl+del is now cmd+opt+esc (I had to google that because I forgot...), so it's just taking a while to get the hang of things.

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03 December 2010

December Frenzy!

 This month Stampin' Up! have an awesome special for you! ("A Little Treat" stamp set from $7.98 clearmount!!!!!) Click here to see the .pdf of the full flyer or click on the image below to see just the specials table.
Hope you are all having a great day, there are only 2 more days to enter my facebook competition so make sure you head over, "Like" me and comment on the competition post for your chance to win!

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