31 December 2005

My Fish

So I said a few posts ago (New Record to be exact) that my Fish (Sharkbait - as in Sharkbait boohaha from Nemo) talks to me. I thought I'd elaborate - My fish not only talks but he lies to me.
When he wants to get my attention he swims up to the glass near me and wags his little side fins at me and gives me this look like "I'm starving & I'm cute come on give me some food" - he normally does this in the morning (we normally feed him at night). Anyway this normally results in me feeding the 'starving' fish at the same time asking Justin if he fed the fish last night, normally just as I shake the last pellet of food into the water justin tells me that he did in fact feed the fish - meanwhile the fish has eaten all the food and swum off to hide in his castle. My fish is a LIAR!!! But he's beautiful so all is forgiven. He's a Siamese Fighting fish with beautiful Blue fins that he flairs out when he decides to be active (unlike the day i came home and he didn't move for about 15 minutes and it was only just when I was convinced he was dead that he moved). Being a siamese fighter he doesn't play well with other fish meaning that he lives in an 8ltr tank with only a few tank snails for company - we originally only had one snail called Gary but it turns out that Gary was more of a Garyina and when we bought him/her it was pregnant and now we have a million of these snails - because they all breed with each other and make more snails.
Anyway here's a picture of the liar now & about a quarter of the adult snail population at the moment (there's stacks more babies but they are really hard to spot and most of the time hide down in the gravel so they don't get eaten).

30 December 2005


Ih, Ev'i dediced ot etirw siht golb sdrawkcab. Yhw ma I gnitirw siht sdrawkcab uoy yam ksa? I ma gnitirw siht sdrawkcab esuaceb I yllautca evah gnihton ot yas dna yb eht emit uoy esilaer taht I evah gnihton ot yas ouy lliw evah tneps net setunim gniyrt ot rehpiced siht golb tsop dna evah ton tnreal gnihtyna morf ti, ni tcaf uoy era ylbaborp rediputs rof ti.
Evol Anraz

27 December 2005


Tod y's Comic from Pe rls of Swine! It's Hil rious! Lol ;)

26 December 2005

I felt like it ok

I don't have anything to say but I felt like writing a post... so again yet another meaningless post.

hmm... I'm talking to Deborah on msn at the moment... I just finished talking to Rob(check out the new link to his website down the side in my "Blogs I like" section... I'm listening to Michelle Branch on my iPod with the volume turned right up so I don't have to have the headphones on my ears just around my neck and I can still hear it... Justin and his brother Nick are making fun of infomercials and invented their product the "Beanbag 9000" 'You just sit in it like this, watch it again it's this easy' etc... I'm at Justins parents place & my computer at home just signed into msn so that was freaky...

umm... I'm going to go now

Have a good day everybody

25 December 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

I just wanted to say how cool my friend Deborah is. (she's my hero! ;) )

When i was 10 my Parents bought me the Amy Grant tape - House of Love. And I played that tape to death (literally). I used to listen to it every night when I went to sleep, one night my tape player stuffed up and when it got to the end of the side it didn't stop the tape it kept trying to turn it over and the tape snapped inside the cassette.

Anyway the last couple of years I've been trying to get a copy of the album on CD and haven't been able to find it anywhere. Everytime I find someone online that stocks it there will be some sort of note attached to it saying "Out of Stock" or "Supplier is out of Stock we don't know when we will get this back in" etc. I was complaining to Deborah about it one night ages ago on MSN after I'd just tried buying it from a few places and noone had it.

Anyway I've said before that Deborah's always been able to buy me really cool CD's for my Birthday & stuff and last night she gave me my Christmas present & it was the Amy Grant CD I haven't been able to find anywhere!!
Yay Deborah!!

21 December 2005

New Record

It's been 5 days since my last post - a new world record for me.
So lets see whats new...
I went to the gym on Monday with Lisa and we had a new program made by our trainer Jane. Before she's listened to me when I said "I hate sit-ups can you leave them out" this time she didn't, plus she gave us harder ones (you lie on this bench thingy with your legs hooked over the edge and it's on a slope so your heads at the bottom then you have to sit up from there) When she was showing us how to do them she made it look so easy so I had a go, we were supposed to do 10 but I could only get to 6 so we are "starting off with 5 and working our way up to 10". Ever since then my stomach has really hurt, the muscles are screaming at me "You told us that you'd never make us do any hard work" (oh yes my muscles talk, so does my fish but that's a different story) Now they are really cranky and it hurts to walk - apparently even walking uses stomach muscles.

I bought a new pair of pyjamas yesterday - they are green & white with Little Miss Sunshine on them. How cool is that? (for those of you who don't know or have forgotten, My middle name is Sunshine)

Today I went to the gym again - my stomach muscles really didn't like that! But I just went on the treadmill. We're going round to Lisa & Kristen's place tonight to give their kids Christmas presents. We have Santa hats to wear, it's going to be fun.

Anyway that's all i have to say for now.

16 December 2005

People are Stupid!!!

People are really really really Stupid at the moment, I don't know if they are always this stupid and it's just coz there are more people coming into work so there appears to be more stupid people but really it's in normal proportions, but today it seemed like every 2nd person that came into work was really stupid.
Example 1
The woman who let her son ride his pushbike in the shop - Who on earth let's their 3 or 4 year old ride their pushbike in the shops, let alone the towns biggest department store during one of the busiest times of year?!?!?
Example 2
The woman who took out her layby then complained that it was on special last week (but isn't anymore) and made her layby in June but wants the discount this week, and when I explained that if she had cancelled her layby last week we would of been able to do something but I can't sell something marked down that isn't supposed to be she then said really angrily "Well I should have come in last week then!" - Well Duh! and why get cranky at me for something you didn't do last week
Example 3
The woman who made a bridal registry and then came in and returned all the stuff because she didn't like it. One of the Photo frames she returned took me 3 days to find from another store because she decided that she wanted to register her wedding in Dubbo (which means that we do all the work) but make her list from the stuff in the Melbourne store, the stuff she picked we actually stocked 10 of the items (no joke!) - But why do you have a bridal registry if you are going to do that? The point is that you pick the items you want so you don't get any gifts that you hate - If you didn't like it why list it?

Anyway enough of my crankiness but I stand by my comment that People are STUPID! (and these are only 3 of the examples I could give)

15 December 2005


I am finally finished my Christmas shopping, I thought I had earlier today and then I remembered I forgot Justin, how bad is that?!?
Now if I can only convince the customers at work to finish theirs so they will leave me alone next week. Ahhh I wish...

Does everyone else love the Sportsman Warehouse ads as much as I do? I just saw a new one I hadn't seen before. It has the Not-so-Smiley face talking and he says "Some people say the best gift is the gift of love...they obviously haven't been to the sportsmans warehouse". Doesn't sound as funny written down as it does on the ad. Oh well cracked me up.

Hmm... what else to say... I have a booger in my nose... on that note i think it's time for me to stop typing.

Have a splendiferous day

11 December 2005

Seven Things

Katie tagged me:

Seven Things I want to do before I die
1. Raise a Family
2. Own my own home (well, mine & Justin's)
3. Travel the world & experience life & cultures outside of Australia
4. Go to Disney Land
5. Not feel so helpless when my friends are hurting
6. Not find it so hard to talk to others about God
7. Own my own business

Seven things I cannot do
1. Sleep in on Monday's
2. Have my rat live at my place (stupid real estate agents)
3. Juggle goldfish bowls while riding a unicycle
4. Ride a Unicycle full stop
5. See my Nanny (the grandma type not babysitter type) again in this lifetime
6. Get on top of my housework
7. Understand the full extent of the pain that some people have to go through in and why

Seven things that attract me to my best friend
I'm gonna say Deborah even though I'm the worlds worst friend at staying in contact but she's probably the one person who's always been there when I needed her. (Even if she hasn't known that she was "being there" for me)
1. Funny
2. Understanding
3. Great taste in clothes!
4. Always able to be friends with anyone & everyone if they'll be friends back
5. Introduces me to new music which is always great
6. Always remembers my birthday when I always forget hers. (I'm a crappy friend sorry)
7. Still likes me even though I'm not the best friend back all the time

Seven things I say most often
1. Stinky Head (or slight variations)
2. Look at Moi!
3. Yes Peter (my boss)
4. Grrr
5. I don't wanna go to the gym today
6. Justin can you do the dishes?
7. This house is a pigsty (I sound like my mother!!! - I swore I'd never say that)

Seven books or series that I love
1. The Chronicles of Narnia
2. To Kill a Mockingbird
3. Most stuff by John Grisham
4. Everything by Janette Oke especially the Love Comes Softly Series
5. Memoirs of a Geisha (Hope they don't ruin it in the movie)
6. One Blokes Story (Ok I'm a bit biased - dad wrote it about my grandpa but it's nice to read about someone so extraordinary that I never got to meet)
7. Tomorrow When The War Began Series

Seven Movies I could watch over and over and over again
1. Now & Then
2. 10 Things I hate about you
3. Wish Upon a Star
4. Shrek
5. Seinfeld (Not a movie but it's in our DVD collection)
6. Erin Brockovich
7. The Incredibles

Now i tag... whoever is reading this and hasnt already done it

07 December 2005

Sober Santa

My Dad just sent me a link to this cool game/timewaster.
It's great
Sober Santa
Anyway that's all I have to say

05 December 2005

My Birthday Presents

For my birthday I got:
1 x Nintendo DS
3 x Nintendo Games
2 x Birthday lots of money which I used to turn into...
2 x More Nintendo Games
2 x T-Shirts
1 x DVD (Elf - We watched it on our honeymoon but I fell asleep before the opening credits finished, so I'm watching it now and it's absolutely hilarious)
1 x Fake Louis Vuitton Bag that my parents brought back from Bali
1 x E-Card (Thanks Clairebear)
4 x Happy Birthday SMS's (Thanks Katie, Mum, Dad & Liv)
1 x Birthday Cake & Lollies from the girls at work
Plus stacks of msn messages & stuff.
Hmm... Didn't feel like much before I wrote this post but when you list it down it's heaps. Wow. Thanks everyone!

04 December 2005

This cracks me up

I found this and thought it was hilarious I don't know if I'm allowed to put pictures from the net but I got it from www.comics.com for those of you playing at home.

I wasn't going to post very often but 3 times in 1 day. Maybe I'll have to take back what I said at the start.


I'm turning 21 tomorrow!
I had a big 18th party with my family and friends so I'm not having a 21st birthday party (besides with how busy everything is this time of year even if I wanted to have one there wouldn't be a free day - I went to a 21st last weekend and I'm going to another next weekend).
My mum & dad took us out for lunch last Sunday to celebrate and invited Justin's family. It was supposed to be a surprise but mum forgot to tell Justin that it was so when she asked him if it would suit us to go out then he didn't realise and checked with me. I actually started to suspect it was a surprise coz I told Claire(my sister-in-law) I'd see her on the weekend and all I got was a "Probably" in reply so then I was trying to get people to mention ti to me to see if it really was a surprise. It was really funny coz they were all tiptoeing around and whispering to each other when the whole time I knew what was going on. I also had to direct Justin to the restaurant we had lunch at coz he didn't know where it was.
I've already got my birthday present from Justin (a Nintendo DS & games) coz he's going to be out of town for work tomorrow and we can't have lunch together and he knew that the nintendo would have to be on the battery charger for a few hours before i could use it. (I don't think I've got my birthday present from him on my birthday the whole time we've been together).

Welcome to my Blog

So anyway, I've decided to give blogging a go. Don't expect my blogs to be as frequent as Deb's or as deep as Katie's. But I have been told to give it a go. So here goes...