15 July 2011

Happy Birthay Cass!

Just a quick post as we're headed out the door soon for the party but I wanted to share the card I made this afternoon, but first i'll embarrass Cass with a picture of the Cass that I see in my mind when I think of her:
That's Cass in purple (her current fave colour by the way!), I used to baby-sit her when I was a teenager and I can't believe that this little girl is 16 today!! I feel so old! (The baby in that photo is in High School this year!). Anyway, enough moping, onto the card.
I kept the card fairly simple, because I loved the flower piece I coloured & was scared that I'd ruin it. I stamped the flower from Elements of Style in Stazon (If I was doing it over I'd black emboss) on a piece of Newsprint DSP, coloured it with watercolour crayons directly to paper, then carefully moving the colour around with an aquapainter until I was happy with the colour, really really careful not to use too much water & warp the DSP.

Then I used some crochet ribbon to tie a Teneale bow as taught by the ribbon master herself at Convention in Melbourne this year, she makes it look so easy but I think I'll need some more practice before mine look that good.
I was inspired to colour on print firstly by this post here I found ages ago on pinterest:
Source: etsy.com via Zarna on Pinterest

then reinspired recently by this card of Dawn McVey's:

Anyway, I better head off to the party, I'm leaving the boys at home & taking Charlotte since Jack has a little sniffle and I didn't think a bonfire would be particularly good for the immune system right now.

I'll be back to edit the info later this weekend when I have more time

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