29 November 2007

Stampin' Up!

Well I finally did it, I've signed up as an "Independant Stampin' Up! Demonstrator". Lisa convinced me that with the amount I spend it would be worth it a little while ago but I've still been umming & ahhing over whether to do it, but i finally took the plunge and ordered the Demonstrator Kit as my birthday present. I got my number today and hopefully the kit will be here either Tuesday or Wednesday!
I've even planned my first workshop for next Friday night! I'm so excited!!! I just feel sorry for the guinea pigs who are coming... hehehe!
If anyone wants to come along on Friday night let me know, we're making Christmas Cards and the more the merrier! If you want your own party I can arrange that as well (as long as it's in or near Parkes) and you can get some really cool freebies! If you don't live in Parkes you can check out the catalogue here and email me zjgould@gmail.com and your order can be shipped directly to you anywhere in Australia (you may still be eligible for some of the freebies depending on your order size).

Anyway, enough of the hardsell... Charlotte is now 6 weeks old and is growing so fast!... she's now over 5kg and so grown up in some ways. I think she's gonna have a little stubborn streak (don't know where she gets that from...) because when she decides she wants something you can't change her mind or distract her from it; when she's hungry she pulls this funny face and throws herself sideways as if to say 'if you don't know what I want I'll show you' lol.

Charlotte sleeping on her playmat yesterday afternoon