25 December 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

21 December 2006


I took the coolest pic of Mak the other day:

Sorry Megs I've been meaning to email it to you since I took it. oops :)

Lokl - Try it!

Lokl = Laughing Out Krazy Loud
ie: when you laugh out loud and there's noone else home and you know if someone saw you right then they would think you're Krazy with a capital 'K' or when you laugh and laugh and can't stop because you start laughing at yourself laughing and the vicious cycle continues.

The other night Megs & I were chatting on msn and she mad a typo and instead of saying Lol she said Lokl. We decided it meant laughing out krazy loud and I've become obsessed with it instead of Lol.
Just so you know if I use it it's not a typo just my new fave word.

17 December 2006

Happy Bloggerversary

I had my first blogging anniversary about 2 weeks ago, I didn't realise or else I would've blogged then. (I thought I'd started blogging later in the year).
I had my birthday a few weeks ago, it was pretty cool, I'd already gotten my big present (a new digital camera) when we were in Albury.
While we were in Albury we went to my friend Sarah's Wedding. It was absolutely beautiful, they're such a gorgeous couple and I know they're going to be happy. Sarah loves kids and does daycare & sunday school and stuff and she couldn't decide on a single flower girl so she had all the kids she knows and just told them to wear their best clothes and they all carried balloons and led her down the aisle, it was soooo sweet!

Mum & Dad took us & the MacMillans out for my birthday while we were down there (early but December is a really hard month to get everyone together) we went to this really cool little family run Italian restaurant, the food was delicious - we all ate waaaay too much!
Oh well, I'll talk more later!
Have a good Christmas if I don't blog beforehand!