25 June 2011

Long time no post

I love blogging, not that you would be able to tell from the 1 post a month I'm averaging at the moment. I have been stamping since I was pregnant with Charlotte, I managed to use naptime to get a card or 2 made to post regularly. Then if that didn't work I was able to use the evening, but now with the kids having shorter naps as they get older and working nights I'm finding it harder to find my creative mojo when I have a few moments to myself.
I've got a few things I have designed for classes or workshops lately that need photos taken then I can pop them up on the blog, and a few other projects in mind for the future. Hopefully I'll get back into some kind of groove and posting on my blog more regularly soon.
But anyway, sorry for rambling at you but I just wanted to let you know that haven't forgotten about my stamps or my blog!

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