27 February 2006

RIP Leela

My beautiful rat Leela died on the weekend of old age. They are only meant to live until 21 months old and she made it to 2 years.

We weren't allowed to have her at our old place and we'd only just applied to have her at our new place, so she'd been living with the Gould's for the last 12 months or so.

PS Claire has a blog. Go here Claire's Blog

24 February 2006

and they speak!

Yay people are online again! except Katie! hurry up and come back to blogging! (nah I hope you're having a great time in Adelaide!)

I found this cool game (well ok one of justin's friends found it and they sent it to him and he sent it to me but same diff) and it takes less than 15 minutes, it's a brain teaser kinda thing. Check it out when you have time:
The Package

anyway nothing much happening in my life at the moment except we've been in our new place (or had the keys anyway) for officially 5 weeks today and i still have a dozen boxes to unpack, that was the plan last weekend but... well... you know what it's like. I'm gonna have to do that this weekend I promise!

Have a good one

20 February 2006

So Lonely!

No one is blogging, no one is commenting all my friends have lives and no time to blog at the moment (or even read my lowly little blog). My blogging world is so lonely. Maybe it's time to go stalking some other peoples blogs.

14 February 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day (or Singles Awareness Day as the case may be) Everyone!!!

Love from Zarna

12 February 2006

mmmm....pasta...[insert homer style drool]

I made pasta tonight for tea, not the dried supermarket kind, not even the 'fresh' latina fresh kind but the really fresh homemade kind. It was so yummy! We even had garlic bread (store bought) and a glass of wine, I cheated on the sauce though coz I bought a jar of carbonara stuff but I added extra diced bacon and extra mushrooms. I couldn't make the sauce too coz It took an hour and a half to make the pasta (admittedly half an hour of that was letting the dough 'sit').
But mmm pasta!

09 February 2006

Bat Bus Revisited

Original Bat Bus Post
Ok, so I worked out how the bat bus could be in so many places at once! I found out the other day that the Bat Bus (which was only a trial and looks like it will keep going due to demand) was so popular that they needed 2 buses to cope with the demand and it wasn't really haunted there were just 2 of them. So I'm not going crazy, or maybe now I'm being haunted twice as much?!?!?!

05 February 2006

What I've been doing...

Thought it was about time for a proper post again on what I've been up to.
Well as you all know we moved to a new place the other week, I still have about 10 boxes to unpack but we're getting there. Rosemary our old next door neighbour came with her boyfriend to have a sticky-beak at our new place this afternoon so that was cool to see her again.
Last night we went to my friend Bec's 21st party in Parkes and stayed there way too late so we didn't get home to Dubbo until 3am, but it was cool getting to catch up with everyone because with the exception of 1 or 2 people it was our whole group from school and it felt all nostalgic and sappy. Before the party we went and visited my parent's and justin's parents and we got to see Claire coz she just got back from America about a week or so ago and she bought me Butterfingers!! Butterfingers are soo yummy they are one of my favourite junk foods but you can't get them here they are hard to describe but basically they're like a peanut brittle with caramel covered in chocolate. Claire bought her wedding dress over there and it is so pretty but I won't describe it in case seth reads this coz he isn't allowed to know what it looks like until the day. (nananinana I've seen it Seth and you haven't ;p ).
ok so I think i've bored everyone enough for today... bye!