07 July 2008

Happy Birthday Allison!!!

The fantastic Allison from Stampin' When I Can & Stamping Links to love is celebrating her birthday today, so, Allison, this card is for you!

The other Links to Love girls and I decided to have a blog birthday party for her! And what is a party without lollies and pin the tail on the donkey???

(and no the 'retro' in retro party mix is not meant to mean anything, they're just my favourite mixed lollies right now!)


Annapurna said...

Lovely card! You are correct, what is a party without games and whatever those are, that I have never seen in this part of the world.

Jackie said...

Great card - very soft and pretty! I haven't seen that game in years - do kids still know how to play that?

Tina said...

Super cute, what a fantastic image.

Theresa said...

Very pretty card. I love your subtle colors.

Party games are fun. I wanna play.

Allison said...

Aw, thanks Zarna...you're sweet and so is this card! Love the palette you chose! Thanks for participating in this little e-party...you gals are very thoughtful!

Deb Neerman said...

Omigosh, this is just the cutest card!!

Please pass a lolly!


malieta said...

Hey Zarna!
I adore your card and the colors are a perfect combo!

Marcia said...

Hi Zarna, I have placed an award on my blog for you ... yep I do come by and check!!!


Smriti said...

Such a soft and pretty card - perfect for a gal!