15 December 2008

Tidying up my blog... Does that count as housework?

I just spent a few moments tidying up the search cloud at the top of the page. The US retiring list got me thinking that if I keep retired stamp sets in the search cloud that one day you won't be able to find my posts from all the junk in the search cloud at the top of the page.
So I have made a few changes to how it will work:
I have added 3 new tags, Retired Stamp Sets, Spring 08 Mini Catalogue, Summer 08 Mini Catalogue.
I have changed tags on my posts for any retired set names and replaced it with the Retired Stamp Sets tag.
Posts with Mini Catalogue sets have now had a tag added for the appropriate mini so that you know not all the stamp sets are still current, but there is still the possibility that they will make a reappearance in April. When I know what will be making the cut and what won't I will remove the Mini Catalogue Tag along with the tags for any sets that didn't make it in & replace those with the retired tag.
If a post has items that are current as well as retired you will still be able to find it under the tag of the current set as well as the tag of retired sets.
Clear as mud? Basically this won't make much of a difference to you guys except that my blog will stay a little tidier...

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