16 December 2008

My Baby girl's first card!

This year we have been going to the Playtime playgroup at the Parkes Baptist church (IMO the best playgroup in town!), Charlotte has only just started participating in the craft during term 4 and I was so excited last week when their project was a Christmas Card, and since we have a special little friend in mind to send it to I thought I would post it here as a record of this MAJOR milestone.
I will admit that she had a little help (I'm not going to let a 1yr old run wild with a paintbrush full of PVA glue) but I was only helping with the fine details, everything is where she wanted it put - well except for the candy cane, she wanted that put in her tummy ;o)

Anyway, here's what she came up with:The inside of the card has the story of the candy cane and a little Merry Christmas message with a place to write their friends name & sign.

Images © Stampin' Up!, Designs © Zarna Gould

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