29 December 2008


Allison from over at Stampin' When I Can. On Christmas Day she gave birth 3 weeks and 3 days early to gorgeous little Avery Judith. When she was 3 hours old they realised there was something not quite right with her breathing and after some tests she was diagnosed with "transposition of the great arteries" I've linked to allison's post on everything that has happened so far but it basically means that the blood is pumping backwards and causes issues with how oxygen is distributed through her body.
They were able to do an operation to temporarily get more oxygen through her bloodstream and they were fortunate enough to get her transferred to a hospital in Edmonton with a surgeon who has a 100% success rate of the particular operation she will need in the long term, but even knowing she is in such good hands it will be a nerve-wracking experience for everyone involved so I thought it would be nice if you could all pop over to her blog and send her a little Aussie love!

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mudmaven said...

Thanks for helping get the word out about Avery. I think Allison needs all the prayers and support we can give her right now! ~chris

Debbie Pamment said...

I'll sending be sending her some good wishes - thanx for letting us know!

Allison said...

Thanks for blogging about Avery...you're sweet!