03 January 2006

Francis Niblick the 3rd

My friend made a new yahoo id so that she could play games online without people trying to pick her up all the time. She called herself Wally Numnuts the 3rd (coz apparently there is someone out there called wally numnuts the 1st & wally numnuts the 2nd). Anyway so her husband made one too and he called his Guy Incognito the 3rd and I made one and I am Francis Niblick the 3rd (ooh yes as in Kerplunk, kerplunk whoops wheres my flibble).
Anyway nothing else to report, we're going to go and play yahoo poker online as guys now.


Zarna said...

Oops - My first retraction. Apparently there wasn't a wally numnuts the 2nd or 1st - she just wanted to be the 3rd.

*~Deborah~* said...


I love you Zarna!!

Rinni said...

LOL *Giggles*. love the name! Liv tells me where it's from but I don't remember it. Love it anyway!