13 January 2006

Lucky 13

Friday the 13th is lucky!
We got the house!!! We get the keys on Friday (20th).
What more do I need to say!


Katie said...

woohoo!! congrats!! we may have to organise a road trip (seein as we'd have to travel SOOOO far) to come see it!

and now i shall offically say farewell to ur purple wall and bathroom

goodbye, fair wall
goodbye, fair bathroom
we shall meet again in heaven
(coz i am sure that purple walls will be allowed there!!)
oh mourn! oh lament! oh weep!

*~Deborah~* said...

snoitalutargnoc!! <--read it backwards - I love that word!!

email me with your new address ASAP, I want to be the first person to send something to your new mailbox :P

and lol, Katie!!

*~Deborah~* said...

oh, and when do you get to move in?

Rinni said...

YEAY! How cool! Yes, I agree with Katie and we must make a road trip! And I will see this house fully furnished, As I never got to actually see your current one finished properly!! :op