15 January 2006


Deborah thought she could outdo me huh? I've got to blog again so she can't beat me!

So I may as well tell you bout whats happening with our new place now that I know.
We have an appointment on Friday (20th) to sign the lease and pick up the keys and all that. Mum and dad aren't available that weekend to help us move so they're coming round on Australia Day (Thursday) with the trailer so we can move all the big stuff (hopefully we'll get most of the boxes over there before then so we don't have to worry about any of that on the day). If we don't get finished on Thursday they'll come back on Saturday. After that we'll have to clean all the ridiculous places that in reality noone ever cleans like the tops of the kitchen cupboards that are 8ft off the ground or the tops of the lightswitches but for some reason real estate agents always check there and we'll hand the keys back for our old place on the 3rd of Feb.

Anyway better go keep packing - box count is now up to 16.


*~Deborah~* said...

lol @ your packing frenzy! And yay!! You're in! It's good you have a bit of time in between moves, rushing all the getting out of one place and leaving it spotless and getting into a new place and making it homey is stressful!

....If you want the agents not to notice dust on top of the cupboards, can you just hide all the chairs and ladders? Or do they bring their own? Or do they have secret powers? Da na na na na, inspector gadget, da na na na na boom boom.....

Zarna said...

I think this agent is a witch (she is particularly evil) so she probably flies up there on her broomstick

Rinni said...

I love how organised you are (even if it is genetic!). If that was me, I probably wouldn't get anything done until the day before!!