08 January 2006


We might be moving, still within Dubbo but just to a slightly bigger (ok a lot bigger) place to rent than we're in now.
The photo isn't the exact one we're moving into but it's in the same complex (the "fontenay estate" or something equally as ridiculously posh sounding anyway). The one we're going into is the one up the back still under construction in the photo. (It's finished now it just needs the covers put on the light switches and stuff - that's how new it is).
Anyway it has a dishwasher (no more cranky Zarna when Justin doesn't do the dishes), and a 3rd bedroom (when people come to stay we'll be able to use our computers without having to move them to the coffee table in the lounge room), but the biggest thing for me is the storage space, there is a cupboard under the stairs that has almost double the space than our linen cupboard & laundry cupboard combined! Then on top of that it has built in's in 2 bedrooms and a walk in robe in the main bedroom, a walk in linen cupboard (I didn't even know you could get those), more kitchen cupboards (no pantry though). This all combined means no more cranky Zarna when there's mess everywhere and no-where to actually pack it away to! (so basically the whole house means Zarna is less Cranky - might explain why Justin wants to move there so badly even though he hates moving with a passion).
It's more rent (obviously considering how much better it is than where we are now) but we're still going to be able to save a ridiculous amount each month towards our own home. I just hope now that I've told everyone how great it is that they approve our lease application thingie. Shouldn't be a problem because Justin's rented through the agents before.

PS The only bad thing about it is it doesn't have a purple wall or bathroom like our current place (I'm going to miss that because it's all sort of neutral tones throughout)


Rinni said...

Cool, cool, cool, COOL!!! I love the look of the place! Praying for ya to get the lease (so then I can stay over...;op)
Yes, the purple bathroom will be missed...

Katie said...

hope u guys r able to get it...hurry up and do a blog to tell us if u've gotten it!
I shall mourn for the loss of your purple wall and bathroom

Zarna said...

you'll all have to stay over, though not necessarily at one time coz we only have one spare bed & it's a single - unless of course you like sleeping head to toe

*~Deborah~* said...

ooh! Lookin' good!! :)

when do you get to hear back?

alas, purple walls, we say goodbye....

Katie said...

lol...hey deb...

alas my love you say goodbye
wipe the poison from my brow
alas my love this guilty night
it gives me up like a foster child
and in this moment i take my vow
these angels sleeping at my feet
and in this moment you do not know how
my spirit wants to flee


*~Deborah~* said...


(I knew you would get it, Katsie!!)