11 January 2006

Update on the Blog Stalking

I've just found out I have at least 2 blog stalkers, and not the anonymous person who commented on the first blog stalkers post I think we can all safely say we know who that was, not mentioning any names... Katie!
One of my stalkers is in denial about her stalking and claims she can just tell me what she thinks rather than comment or that I'm too boring, we all know that isn't true!
The other one is my father-in-law - now what will i do if i ever want to complain about how horrible my in-law's are ;)
Anyway I think it's kinda cool that I have stalkers. I didn't think I would ever write anything worth stalking.
Have a good day

PS we apply'd for the place on Monday lunchtime and yesterday afternoon they were checking out our references so hopefully we will find out tomorrow if we get the lease or not.


Katie said...

i not actually a stalker, i had just not checked people's blogs for ages, then ended up deciding it would be funny to post that "stalking" comment as annon!! :P:P

PS i deny that i am in denial!!

*~Deborah~* said...

lol! Mr G would be a stalker - or more like your security guard to protect you from REAL stalkers!!

I was looking at a photo of him, Nick and Pete today - with shaved heads and leather jackets. I remember when I got it developed my chemist coworkers thought it was some bikie gang and was intrigued to know it was the elder, deacon and youth pastor from my church....

(are you reading this Mr G?! Admit it, I dare you!!)