31 December 2005

My Fish

So I said a few posts ago (New Record to be exact) that my Fish (Sharkbait - as in Sharkbait boohaha from Nemo) talks to me. I thought I'd elaborate - My fish not only talks but he lies to me.
When he wants to get my attention he swims up to the glass near me and wags his little side fins at me and gives me this look like "I'm starving & I'm cute come on give me some food" - he normally does this in the morning (we normally feed him at night). Anyway this normally results in me feeding the 'starving' fish at the same time asking Justin if he fed the fish last night, normally just as I shake the last pellet of food into the water justin tells me that he did in fact feed the fish - meanwhile the fish has eaten all the food and swum off to hide in his castle. My fish is a LIAR!!! But he's beautiful so all is forgiven. He's a Siamese Fighting fish with beautiful Blue fins that he flairs out when he decides to be active (unlike the day i came home and he didn't move for about 15 minutes and it was only just when I was convinced he was dead that he moved). Being a siamese fighter he doesn't play well with other fish meaning that he lives in an 8ltr tank with only a few tank snails for company - we originally only had one snail called Gary but it turns out that Gary was more of a Garyina and when we bought him/her it was pregnant and now we have a million of these snails - because they all breed with each other and make more snails.
Anyway here's a picture of the liar now & about a quarter of the adult snail population at the moment (there's stacks more babies but they are really hard to spot and most of the time hide down in the gravel so they don't get eaten).


*~Deborah~* said...

lol! you're fun, Zarna Sunshine :)

he's very pretty.

and don't worry, we got a whole stack of mice from buying a pregnant Harriet ;)

Rinni said...

Hey,cool fish! I like Sharkbait! I know about lying animals too - my cat makes sure I'm the only one in the room before he lies to me though. He's very cunning (but also very cute, so like you, all is forgiven!). My cat does actually talk to me though. If he's in the mood you can have a whole cat conversation with him for about ten minutes! very vocal!

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't admit that...!! ;op