31 January 2006

Internet again!

Yay I have internet again!!!
We finally got our phone connected so even though its not DSL like I'm used to (which is about a week away)it's still internet! I have felt so out of touch with everyone.
While our phone was out we found out last night that apparently people had been able to call in on some weird bizarre number that is nothing like the number we have. We've been checking the phone every day to see if they'd connected it yet by dialling some random number (ok not completely random, mum's, justin's work, my friends house etc but we picked who we were trying randomly) and it didn't work yesterday afternoon so when the phone rang an hour later we were wondering what on earth was going on. It was just a telemarketer but she was really nice when before she could even get the speel out about what she was selling and I asked her how she had called us and what number she used. Anyway by the time we worked out how she'd rung us she just asked me if I wanted Austar and when I said no she just said ok and hung up. Maybe I've found a way to get rid of telemarketers without having to yell at them and tell them for the 50th time (in one conversation) that you don't want their product.


Katie said...

woohoo!! good to have u bak in the blogger community! :)
Interesting way to get rid of telemarketers too ;)

*~Deborah~* said...

LOL! How ironic - your first phonecall from a telemarketer!!