14 January 2006

Me & My Mother

I'm turning into my mother! aaaaaaagh!!!!
My mum is one of these people that the minute she learns that she's going to be moving she packs everything in sight, you sit still you get packed. I remember the first time we moved(technically the 2nd but I was less than 6 months old the real first time) when we left Albury, Dad had a job interview up in QLD and decided to let me have a week off school to go with him in case he didn't get the job so at least I could say I'd been to QLD. We drove up there over 2 days stopping at every 2nd town in a park with a playground for a break for me (and so dad didn't have to put up with a complaining 7 yr old so probably a break for him too). When we got there Dad went to his interview while I sat in the reception area with a brand new colouring book and pencils bought that morning especially for the occasion (so i didn't run wild and ruin his chances I suppose). Anyway they asked Dad to come back in 2 days later to find out if he had the job or not since he told them he was only visiting and it was when only Perry Mason had a mobile phone and it was as big as a normal one (old TV show mum & i used to watch when I was little). So in the mean time Dad & I went to the beach (I got to go swimming in my clothes because it was winter or early spring and in Albury that meant really low temps so we hadn't thought to pack swimmers) and we explored and found a town that we wanted to live in if he got the job. So anyway when we went back they told dad he had the job and gave him a start date for a few months later and I wanted to call mum & tell her but dad said we had to keep it a surprise until we got home or else we'd get there and all our stuff would be packed up in boxes.
I suppose my point is that we found out yesterday we were moving and I've already packed 12 boxes I would've packed more but we thought we'd have enough to keep us going for the weekend and we'd get more on Monday. Mum keeps teasing me that I'm turning into her and I think she might be right...

PS that holiday was also the first time I ever took a photo. Dad had brought his camera with him and on the way home we spent the morning at Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo (who would have thought that almost exactly 10 years later I would've moved here) and dad let me take photos of the Zebras (they were my favourites coz they were the only animals that started with Z. (or that I knew of at age 7)

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*~Deborah~* said...

lol, your Dad is such a tourist driver anyway - I bet part of his thrill at having a kid is another excuse to pull over and detour! Your hol sounds like awesome fun (mental note to self: if I have kids, take them travelling to job interviews with me. If not, ask Zarna if she wants to come ;)).

LOL at your hereditary superpacking - but I reckon it's a good thing. I hate packing and unpacking until I get to the final stages, I love organising everything into a spot and making it all look decorative.

And wow - I think you outposted me this week!! I'm so glad I'm caught up on the excitement of your life!!