05 December 2005

My Birthday Presents

For my birthday I got:
1 x Nintendo DS
3 x Nintendo Games
2 x Birthday lots of money which I used to turn into...
2 x More Nintendo Games
2 x T-Shirts
1 x DVD (Elf - We watched it on our honeymoon but I fell asleep before the opening credits finished, so I'm watching it now and it's absolutely hilarious)
1 x Fake Louis Vuitton Bag that my parents brought back from Bali
1 x E-Card (Thanks Clairebear)
4 x Happy Birthday SMS's (Thanks Katie, Mum, Dad & Liv)
1 x Birthday Cake & Lollies from the girls at work
Plus stacks of msn messages & stuff.
Hmm... Didn't feel like much before I wrote this post but when you list it down it's heaps. Wow. Thanks everyone!


*~Deborah~* said...

oops *sends Zarna a birthday SMS real quick* :P

Hopes she didn't wake her up....

Katie said...

lol...sounds like u had a good day :) which is good, otherwise i would have to come over there and pick on u!! :P *hugz*

Zarna said...

Deb, you didn't wake me up but I heard it go off just before bed and couldn't be bothered to get up so I read it this morning

*~Deborah~* said...

lol! I never know whether it's too late to send an sms, it all depends if people switch their mobiles off to sleep :O