26 December 2005

I felt like it ok

I don't have anything to say but I felt like writing a post... so again yet another meaningless post.

hmm... I'm talking to Deborah on msn at the moment... I just finished talking to Rob(check out the new link to his website down the side in my "Blogs I like" section... I'm listening to Michelle Branch on my iPod with the volume turned right up so I don't have to have the headphones on my ears just around my neck and I can still hear it... Justin and his brother Nick are making fun of infomercials and invented their product the "Beanbag 9000" 'You just sit in it like this, watch it again it's this easy' etc... I'm at Justins parents place & my computer at home just signed into msn so that was freaky...

umm... I'm going to go now

Have a good day everybody

1 comment:

*~Deborah~* said...

lol! I love your blog, Zarna Sunshine