04 December 2005


I'm turning 21 tomorrow!
I had a big 18th party with my family and friends so I'm not having a 21st birthday party (besides with how busy everything is this time of year even if I wanted to have one there wouldn't be a free day - I went to a 21st last weekend and I'm going to another next weekend).
My mum & dad took us out for lunch last Sunday to celebrate and invited Justin's family. It was supposed to be a surprise but mum forgot to tell Justin that it was so when she asked him if it would suit us to go out then he didn't realise and checked with me. I actually started to suspect it was a surprise coz I told Claire(my sister-in-law) I'd see her on the weekend and all I got was a "Probably" in reply so then I was trying to get people to mention ti to me to see if it really was a surprise. It was really funny coz they were all tiptoeing around and whispering to each other when the whole time I knew what was going on. I also had to direct Justin to the restaurant we had lunch at coz he didn't know where it was.
I've already got my birthday present from Justin (a Nintendo DS & games) coz he's going to be out of town for work tomorrow and we can't have lunch together and he knew that the nintendo would have to be on the battery charger for a few hours before i could use it. (I don't think I've got my birthday present from him on my birthday the whole time we've been together).

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Katie said...

hehehehe ur gettin sooooo old!! ;)
nah, its all good :D
u aint gettin ur pressie from me til u come to parkes next weekend :P
hope u have a great birthday. btw, who told Justin that he was allowed to be away for ur birthday??