15 December 2005


I am finally finished my Christmas shopping, I thought I had earlier today and then I remembered I forgot Justin, how bad is that?!?
Now if I can only convince the customers at work to finish theirs so they will leave me alone next week. Ahhh I wish...

Does everyone else love the Sportsman Warehouse ads as much as I do? I just saw a new one I hadn't seen before. It has the Not-so-Smiley face talking and he says "Some people say the best gift is the gift of love...they obviously haven't been to the sportsmans warehouse". Doesn't sound as funny written down as it does on the ad. Oh well cracked me up.

Hmm... what else to say... I have a booger in my nose... on that note i think it's time for me to stop typing.

Have a splendiferous day


Katie said...

lol i have finished my shopping too :)

yeah, those adds r funny! "I havent done my christmas shopping, but then again, i am an advertising gimick, whats ur excuse?!?!" i know thats prolly not the exact quote, but it's an amusing ad anyhow

Zarna said...

I wrapped Christmas Presents & Katie you got the same label as Gemea. They are in random order on the label roll and you guys got matching ones.
Just thought I'd let you know coz it's cool

Rinni said...

At least you've finished you Christmas shopping - I haven't even started mine! Oh wait, I got a few things for Liv yesterday, So I guess I've officially started now. Going to Orange tomorrow to shop so I'll have to everyone's then. And see what I can find for myself ;op

Rinni said...

PS love the Sportman Warehouse tennis ball dude too!

*~Deborah~* said...

lol! I haven't seen the ads but they crack me up just in print!! :) Thanks for sharing.

I have 2 more presents to get :)