16 December 2005

People are Stupid!!!

People are really really really Stupid at the moment, I don't know if they are always this stupid and it's just coz there are more people coming into work so there appears to be more stupid people but really it's in normal proportions, but today it seemed like every 2nd person that came into work was really stupid.
Example 1
The woman who let her son ride his pushbike in the shop - Who on earth let's their 3 or 4 year old ride their pushbike in the shops, let alone the towns biggest department store during one of the busiest times of year?!?!?
Example 2
The woman who took out her layby then complained that it was on special last week (but isn't anymore) and made her layby in June but wants the discount this week, and when I explained that if she had cancelled her layby last week we would of been able to do something but I can't sell something marked down that isn't supposed to be she then said really angrily "Well I should have come in last week then!" - Well Duh! and why get cranky at me for something you didn't do last week
Example 3
The woman who made a bridal registry and then came in and returned all the stuff because she didn't like it. One of the Photo frames she returned took me 3 days to find from another store because she decided that she wanted to register her wedding in Dubbo (which means that we do all the work) but make her list from the stuff in the Melbourne store, the stuff she picked we actually stocked 10 of the items (no joke!) - But why do you have a bridal registry if you are going to do that? The point is that you pick the items you want so you don't get any gifts that you hate - If you didn't like it why list it?

Anyway enough of my crankiness but I stand by my comment that People are STUPID! (and these are only 3 of the examples I could give)


*~Deborah~* said...

far out! That is serious stupidity!!

Katie said...

i hope ur next work day (wheneva that is or was) is heaps better!!

Rinni said...

Yeah, I hope today was a better day! Poor Zarna.

I think it's this time of year though - everyone just goes that little bit more insane (I almost ran over hoardes of people in Orange because they were crossing the street even though the little walk man was red! Grrrrr!).

Yes. People (presenmt company excluded of course) are stupid...