18 November 2008

Kit Kat Slider by Sharon

A while ago at one of my Christmas Club classes for the 3d project I taught a Kit Kat slider, one of my lovely ladies, Rae, showed her daughter Sharon the instructions I had typed up and Sharon decided to make one for a teacher gift.
This is what Sharon came up with, isn't it cute? She improvised a little as she didn't have jumbo eyelets so she used some Hodgepodge instead and the piece with the trees opens up for the gift card, you just spin the little photo bracket to open it up.
Anyway, just thought I'd share it since I have nothing new of my own to share (we're finally painting our bedroom, yay!!!) and thanks heaps to Sharon for sending me the picture and letting me share it here, I love when people like something I've taught them enough to pass it on or take the time to have another go and make it their own!

1 comment:

Marcia P said...

That's a great idea, I really like the colours she has used, defiantely christmassy!

happy painting!