09 November 2008

Being Single Never Looked So Good!

Well we asked (and asked and asked) and Stampin' Up! have listened!!!
For 10-30 November only, SU! are offering our very versatile, dual-tip Stampin' Write Markers INDIVIDUALLY!!!!!! for only $4.95 (plus p&h).
How cool is that??? SW Markers have been available individually in the US market for a while now but they have never before been offered in the Australian market as anything other than Colour Families.
This is such a great opportunity to stock up on your favourite colour that might be running low, or to replace that marker that the dog/kids/cat got into and destroyed without having to replace a whole colour family, or you just might be like me and only like one or two of the colours in a certain colour family and not want to buy a whole pack just for the 1 colour you do love.
You can buy any colour from all 4 of the main colour families as well as Sahara Sand and Basic Black.
This is a limited time offer and it is our chance to show SU! that we have the market for individual markers (which would increase our chances of getting them permanently) so make sure you contact me (zjgould@gmail.com) to take advantage of this great promotion!

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