16 May 2009

Nick & Carmen's wedding

Remember last month when I made the wedding card for my brother-in-law and his (now) wife's wedding? Well anyway, our gift for the wedding was their invitations so when I went to put the card in the envelope the day before the wedding it looked a bit plain without being attached to a gift so I decided to dress up the envelope a little. It took less than 5 minutes but it makes it look so much more than just a card.
I also thought I'd put in some pic's from the big day. The got married in the garden of a friends farm and it was a beautiful day!
I love this one of the guys, the car has just pulled up and you can see Nick practically breaking his neck trying to see Carmen in her dress. (PS there were actually people at the wedding just noone on our side wanted to sit up the front lol) They also did things slightly differently by having the red carpet come in from in front of the "alter" instead of coming through the crowd.Don't you think she looked like a princess? I know you're supposed to say that about every bride but if you'd asked me as a little girl to describe a princess dress it would be this one, the poor dress lost a layer of tule before the end of the reception, but they were hoping to get that fixed when it gets dry cleaned. Justin & the 'other' Mrs Gould, Carmen's best friend used to be married to a distant relative of Justin & Nick's (their dad's were 2nd or 3rd cousins or something lol) so when they announced the bridal party at the reception they decided to forgo using surnames to avoid having to explain to people the whole "Justin & Tammy Gould" aren't really a couple lol. This was the only half decent photo I got of Charlotte on the day, as you can see she was very busy that day running everywhere. I wish I'd gotten a better pic because the little top has sewn on little necklaces on it and looks absolutely adorable.
Stamps: Forever Flowers wheel, Together Forever
Ink: Pretty in Pink
Accessories: Whisper White envelope, Pretty in Pink Taffeta

Images © Stampin' Up!, Designs © Zarna Gould


Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Great recap of the big day, brought a smile. And typical of a small child at a wedding - I have photos of Ashleigh as a flower girl, doing somersaults in the grass!

:) Marcia P

Pete said...

Justin and Tammy Gould! Thats funny. never occurred to me :)