11 August 2008

Just a little tip to share & maybe a little offer too ;0)

This is a little tip that I learnt a little while ago and I have found it invaluable, so I thought I'd share in case anyone didn't already know it.

When you stamp a bold stamp and end up with an image like the above one, where it is all blotchy, it is the result of the manufacturing process where some rubber stamps end up with a film over the image and it becomes really obvious the bolder the image.
There are all sorts of solutions to fixing it out there, but the one that works for me every single time is to use an adhesive eraser over the stamp, I just give it a good scrub up and down then side to side and you can see the result:
An adhesive eraser is only $3.75 and it will save you so much frustration that I think it is a must have for every stamper.... so that is why with every purchase of Tart & Tangy from the Spring Mini I will be giving you an Adhesive eraser for FREE!!!
Just call me (02 6862 2552) or email zjgould@gmail.com to order.

Images © Stampin' Up!, Designs © Zarna Gould

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Maureen said...

Hey Zarna - what a FABULOUS tip! I've been stampin for years and thats the first I heard of it! Thanks a mil!

and....LOL.....I think you're a dang good Australian even if you DON"T throw your shrimp on the barbie!! LOL I actually just think the phrase is just a marketing ploy for our restaurant chains called Outback!! But I just love saying it!!

take care!
your US sistah demo