28 August 2008

Parkes Show part 1

As I mentioned before I had a display at the Parkes show this week, I thought I'd share some fun and excitement from the show. I have stacks of photos so I think I'll spread them out every few days so you don't get bored (that, and our internet has been capped and I could be here for that long trying to upload them hehe).

This first batch is of Charlotte, this was her first show and she loved it, she's very tired today though, I think we wore her out.
Here she is on her first show ride ever - the Teacups, she thought they were great and she ended up having no less than 4 rides on them! I took a few minutes away from the stall when Justin finished work at 12 (Our town gets a gazetted public holiday from noon onwards especially for the show on the Tuesday, it's fantastic because everything shuts and most of the town heads to the show - used to be great fun when we were at school getting out early to go, half the teachers would give up trying to teach on that day because everyone was too restless to work, lots of fun!) so I could take her on the ride while he took photos.I love that pic, how she's leaning forward makes it feel like she's going so fast!
Here's a photo of Justin on the ride with her on Wednesday night.
Once it got dark and all the show ride lights came on she couldn't take her eyes off them! I didn't get a photo (because I was in the line to ride)but she especially loved watching the zipper go round! Speaking of which I went on it twice! I don't think I've been on as many rides as I did this year in a long time! I was very depressed when I worked out that my first time on the zipper was about 10 years ago - makes me feel old! My friend James (the only person game enough to go on with me the first time - go James!) said to me after the ride "You didn't tell me you scream on these things", I thought I was being quite constrained with my screams because I didn't want him to think I was a chicken so imagine if I had let loose!!!
Her gran took her on as well but it was while I was working in my stand so I didn't get a photo.
Here is a pic of Charlotte watching the fireworks with Daddy:
It was her first time watching fireworks and I was so proud of her, she wasn't scared, in fact when they got really loud and we tried to cover her ears she would yell and pull our hands away. We were pretty much front and centre with most of the fireworks going off from about 200m away so it was as loud as it could get.

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