12 August 2009

Blog Changes

Just making some changes to my blog. At this stage I've made all the technical changes that I think I want to make and there are only cosmetic changes left to be done (new banner & colourscheme etc), It seems to be working well on my end but let me know if you find any bugs that need fixing and I'll do my best.
ETA: I've done the banner, gotta fiddle with colours now

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Lisa Robb said...

Love the new Banner! Your blog looks great!

Marcia P said...

Love the new banner ... very blingy!

It is spaced nicely, are you able to make the sidebars a different colour - would make the middle content stand out more.

Oh and one other thing ... I know I am so behind the times, working on a 19" screen, but you page doesn't fit into my screen, theres now a scroll bar across the bottom. But the middle content, which is the important stuff comes up fine!

Looking good.