28 September 2008

My baby is now a toddler!!!

My little baby girl is walking! She's not a baby anymore she's now a toddler!!! I was running my Christmas Card Club yesterday and Justin yelled to me that she took a step, we stopped what we were doing to see if she would do it again but she decided to make a liar of Justin (she's good at that). After the class was over 2 of my friends stayed behind to hang out (and maybe to have some margarita's...) and we sat around on the loungeroom floor taking turns calling her and after a few little one or two step 'walks' she practically ran at Karin for a cuddle taking a grand total of 4 steps!!! We were all cheering and clapping her (charlotte that is, not Karin, she was just the bait hehe) and she looked so proud of herself! It was beautiful!

She had another go at walking today but 4 steps is still our record!

We haven't managed to capture any of it on film yet because we have been too excited to think of it, but i'm going to try to get some video tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

It is one of those things you spend so much time encouraging them and then later you say - what was I thinking!

How fun and exciting, enjoy!

:) Marcia