21 May 2007

Spud's TV Debut

I had another Ultrasound today, this time I went to the XRay dept at the Parkes hospital and they do cool videos & a cd with all of the images on it so I thought I'd stick the videos on here. They only go for 5 secs so you might have to play them a few times to catch everything.

This one Spud is lying with their head to the left of the screen and their bum to the right, their legs are tucked up on top (they're really tucked up under themselves but they were lying face down so they had to flip the pictures). You can see them swallow towards the end of the video.

This one's a bit harder to see but you can see them push away with their hands and feet.

In this one they are sitting there sort of just swallowing, the big bubbly looking thing near the mouth is the umbilical cord, you can see them wave their hand near their head too.

How cool is this Pic? You can see the arms and little ribcage (it's clearer in the right hand pic)

These are the little legs how cute are they? Russell the radiographer dude was nice and measured the feet just because we were curious about how big they were and he said about 2.5cm's. (about as big as the top part of my thumb from nail to knuckle)

This one's a bit gross but I think it's funny, that huge big black shape to the right is my really, really really, full bladder!

Sorry for boring everyone but I think this stuff's cool!


Grandfather Gould said...

That's my Grandchild!!!!!
It must be a girl, as it looks like it is talking under water with a mouthful of marbles.

Grandfather Gould

Clairey said...

omg!! how exciting!!!! Technology is soooo aweosme!!! I'm so glad I get to see my neice/nephew from so far away.

Spud is a cutie already!!! It's so awesome you can see all that stuff. Keep healthy!

Clairey said...

lol at the bladder pic - its no wonder pregnant women need to pee lots witha baby kicking around near it and taking up room. :-D

Zarna said...

The bub's all healthy with no sign of anything wrong, the only potential problem is that I have a low placenta which means there could be complications later on but they only happen in about 1 in 200 of the women who have low placenta's.

Rinni said...

Aww, how cute! Wow, those are the clearest ultrasound photos I've ever seen! And it's so cool that they do little video's now. It's not boring, they're cool!

Nomes said...


They are cool. very exciting.

Love the bladder pic too :)

I like the first video with the little swallow at the end.

livi said...

I'm trying to decide who spud resembles....!:P

Nomes said...


unrelated comment

I forgot to ask you about pirates today. Do a post about it and tell us about it!

x Nomes

Deb said...

They're gorgeous!! Now that's WAY cooler than walking around poking you in the tummy ;)

Love the bladder pic too - ultrasounds are cruel how you have to drink so much, then sit in a waiting room, then lie still on a table while everyone puts pressure down there. But for these shots of spud, it's SO worth it!! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...
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