12 June 2007


I have no idea what to write. I haven't been up to much lately, it's been fun staying at home, I haven't been doing much of the 'house' type-stuff to being a housewife but I'm still enjoying it. If only my computer was working properly!!! It's gone completely spastic and we think the motherboard is dying. I've been having to use the laptop but it doesn't have all of my favourites on it so I keep forgetting about my blog (and everyone else's).
The little thingie at the top my blog says spud weighs a pound at the moment, that's like 1 eighth of a baby! (hopefully... I don't want to have like one of those 12 or 13 pound babies!!!)
I've been doing some scrapbooking yesterday and today, I keep finding stuff to buy for scrapbooking and then have to find a way to use it! I finished one more page from our wedding and 2 more from our honeymoon and now I'm halfway through doing some pages on Crusher, he's so cute it was really hard trying to decide what photos to use and not to do a million pages of him!
Anyway that's enough rambling for now!


Nomes said...

upload your scrapbooking! So we can check it out.

You are living a fab life at the moment of luxury and lazing around. Soak it up!!! We are all envious....

Zarna said...

Who else scrapbooks?

Lisa said...

Hi Zarna!
Good to hear you are scrapbooking. Will let you know when i get my Stampin' Up! kit. Oh no more options for you. Maybe i shouldnt show you! lol

Bob said...

Sounds like your computer needs a heart transplant.