04 May 2007

Better than a kick in the guts

I just felt the baby kick!!! I have been feeling stuff for a few days that I've sort of sat there and gone was that the baby, a tummy gurgle or a fart, but just then I got 3 really strong pokes in the tummy! It was bizarre, heaps stronger than I thought it would be so soon, technically you can feel the baby from about 14 weeks (2 weeks ago for me) but normally it's not til closer to 18 weeks for your first baby (sooner for really skinny people or 2nd bubs - of which this is neither). I'm just so excited!!! I had to come on and blog this straight away!!!


Clairey said...

That is sooooo exciting and awesome!! I love the ticker - I've seen them before! They are so cool! I'm so excited for you!

Rinni said...

How cool! How exciting!
I guess it's a really different feeling then what you would expect huh?
That's mad - I didn't think you could feel them until a bit later (Maybe I shouldn't be your midwife, I've got no idea...! ;p )

Zarna said...

You know about as much as me and they're letting me take it home!!!

Nomes said...

Cool Zarna!! In a few weeks Justin will be able to feel it through your tummy too!

You sound really excited!

Deb said...

congrats!! YAY!!

I also love all your ticker things.

Congrats on reaching day 100!! One century not out!! ;)

Rob T said...

Hey Anraz (OK, Zarna, if you still hate the nickname), how cool is it that you and Justin are going to have a baby! The ultrasounds are great - I can see that (s)he is training to be a triathlete. I'm sure that the fluid in your tummy is more viscous than what olympians train in.

Please say hello to Xenor for me.