22 January 2007

This is for Naomi

Stories About Justin:
Justin is a big stinky poo-poo head who is boring too - he went to work this morning (my day off) so the alarm had to go off early and I got woken up!!!
What I Ate For Breakfast:
I haven't had breakfast yet, but I'm thinking Salada's with Cheese & Vegemite. Yesterday I had a cheese & ham danish from Bakers Delight before church (we turned up an hour early coz we forgot that they were starting later in January and had to fill in time at the Mall for an hour)
What Time I Slept Til:
I slept until 7.15 then Justin (the big stinky poo-poo head) woke me up! - I'm not a morning person.


Rinni said...

I relate to not being a morning person. Did you get to go back to sleep?

Nomes said...


Thats another post for me in one week! Cool.

See, your life isn't so boring after all. You eat interesting food.

And you obviously have an interesting marriage to a big stinky poo-poo head.

Zarna said...

I didn't get back to sleep - hence the cranky posts.
Justin being a stinky poopoo head makes kissing a bit disgusting ;)

Deb said...