21 January 2007

My life is boring!

I was going to post an update of life, I was going to tell you everything I've been doing, but my life is boring and when I sat down to post I realised I have nothing to report :(


Rinni said...

Poor Zarna :(
I'm sure your life has to be much more exciting than mine!
I just sit at home, by myself, and stalk people's blogs!
I will have to come over to entertain you! Ha, that could be interesting..! ;p

Nomes said...

yOU ARE so NOT BORING! Believe in yourself girlfriend!!! (Thats about tit for my pep talk to you)

You could Tell us:
* stories about Justin
* what you eat for breakfast
* what time you sleep until
OR steal stuff from Random blogs to post. Or start a new survey, quiz etc that we can all do too.

Do a poll!!! I love voting in polls!!

Take some photos!!I love pics too.

Nomes said...

Ooops, another shocker typo! What is wrong with me!?!? I REALLY have to check before I publish.

Anonymous said...

go here and find something cool


Rinni said...

Lokl Nomes! I chuckled about that blunder for way too long!

(miss maturity plus here!) :D

Zarna said...

hehe tit hehehe

Deb said...

I laughed too; especially because it's part 3 in a series on the same kind of theme....Naomi has been, err...busy, as has...ummm, Bob the builder, but that's about...err, it!

Now, back on topic - your life isn't boring Zarna - look at all the insane friends you have!!