27 January 2007

Happy Birthday Nomes

Warning Nomes.... Do not scroll down unless you think you can handle it!

Didn't you love the intro?

aww wasn't he so 80's?

and thoughtful?

Look at him posing for the camera all 80's heart throb-y!!

I bet Nomes is his campaign manager!!!

Happy Birthday Nomes!


Rinni said...

Ha! That's fantastic Zarna! I am so amused by this post!
Bet Nomes will love it!! :D

Nomes said...

Thanks Zarna!

I can handle it, can you? I bet you had fun finding all the macgyver pic to put on there!

Are you sure it isn't you who is obsessed!?!?

Rinni said...

Happy birthday Nomes for yesturday! I remembered but didn't get a chance to post a happy birthday message, so here it is! Hope you have a blast! ;p

Zarna said...

I'm not the one who had a picture of macgyver that I would take away with me!!!

Rinni said...

Ah, is that the MacGyver story?!

Nomes said...

Sorry Rinni, not even close....I however do not wish to leave a permanent online record of the grossly exaggerated story that has circulated around. i will keep you informed next time we meet face to face

Love Nomes